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Loftus Commercial Cookery Complete Tool Set

$495.00 $365.00

The complete commercial cookery set ready for Loftus college
Victorinox 25cm Chef Knife, Victorinox 12cm Boning Knife, Victorinox 20cm Filleting Knife, Victorinox 6cm Turning Knife, Victorinox 9cm Paring Knife, Digital Scales, 30cm Serrated knife Loyal, Sharpening Stone, Sharpening Steel, 20cm Palette Knife, Plastic Scraper D shaped, Victorinox Speed Peeler, Sauce Whisk, Wooden Spoon, 40cm Forcing Bag, 6 piece Piping Tube Set, Pastry Bristle Brush, Kitchen Shears (Take apart), Fish Bone Tweezers, Rubber Econome, Tea Towel, Oven Cloth, Tongs, Digital Thermometer,  Apple Corer, Dessert Knife, Dessert Spoon, Dessert Fork ,Plastic Cutter Set, Non-Slip Matting, Tool Box, Lock,Double Parisenne Cutter, Egg Separator, Zester/Scorer, Microplane, Gas Lighter

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