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Sabatier Turning Knife 710680

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Sabatier knives are the icon of French cuisine The slim, elegant Lion Sabatier Idéal knives are still faithful to the traditional design that dates back to 1812! Years, however, go by and the materials used are being upgraded.

The blade is made from French N4116 Nitro+ steel. A great stainless type of steel that is easy to sharpen. The knife is made from a single piece of steel that extends completely into the handle. As such the balance is excellent. The bolster extends to the heel of the blade. It will make you feel safe. After all, you do not come into direct contact with the blade.

The handles are made from POM. Which is a durable and maintenance-friendly plastic variant. The handles fit seamlessly with the bolster and are held in place with brass rivets. The combination of material fits perfectly with this traditional design.

With Lion Sabatier Idéal knives you bring a piece of French tradition into your kitchen without compromising on modern convenience! The best of both worlds.

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