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Shun – Carving Knife 20cm

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Achieve the perfect slice of meat or poultry with the Shun Classic Carving Knife. The razor-sharp blade makes a cleaner cut, which helps keep more of the juices and, more of the flavor—trapped in the meat. The longer blade means you can make precise slices with a single stroke, while the pointed, narrow tip lets you to cut meat away from the bone with ease.

Shun’s proprietary high-performance VG-MAX steel, which provides incredible edge retention, is clad with Damascus stainless steel, then ground and bead-blasted, revealing the flowing pattern of the layered steel. The Shun Classic line also offers you the widest assortment of both traditional culinary blade shapes and cutting-edge designs, so you can always find the right knife for the task.

Collection Name

Shun Classic

Washing Instructions

Wash by hand using a mild detergent and warm wtaer. Never leave handle wet or in water.

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